Sunday, July 11, 2010

Waterless in Marmal

So, yesterday I spent all day running around, getting prepared for the new guys coming in from the states. My day started at around 7:30 AM and ended at around 10:30 PM. Naturally, after a long day of running around in 111 degree temperatures with wind and dust blowing all around, one tends to get a little sweaty. All I wanted to do was make it back to my tent before the new guys had a chance to figure out where the shower was and run out all the water.

Needless to say, I didn't waste any time when I got back to my tent. I just grabbed my stuff and went. When I got to the bathroom, it was late and there was no one else in there. Relief. I jumped into the shower and threw the water on and out comes a light trickle of water. Of course, I wasn't prepared. I had no soap out yet, no shampoo waiting in the wings, and as I hurried to try to procure the necessary items, the water slowly trickled to nothing.

So there I was, wet and naked in the shower, with no water and no hope. There were cases of bottled water not too far from the bathrooms, but that would mean getting out, putting my clothes back on and trudging to the water point to pick it up. Once I realized that this was my only viable option, I put my clothes back on my now wet, sweaty, dusty body and headed for the pallet. I thought about just running out there in my towel as a statement, but then I thought getting in trouble on top of not getting a shower were just make the night worse.

I retrieved a case of water and headed back to the shower trailer. The one good thing about 110+ temperatures is that the water is nice and warm. When I got back to the shower, both the entire case of water and I got into the shower. The first bottle went for wetting the body. I then soaped up entirely and was about to rinse with the second bottle (I was pretty impressed that it might only take me 3 or 4 bottles to get the job done), when the soap on my hands made it impossible to open. Instinctively, I reached for the faucet to try to rinse off the bottle, hoping that there would be enough drops left to allow me to open it. To my surprise, when I pulled up on the handle, the shower head came on with full vivacity. I've never been so happy to have a shower.

I probably will not be complaining as much about some other things anymore....well, I probably will.


  1. Hey Em, Have you had any luck finding me a job over there......maybe I will e-mail the Sack Brown band. They have been doing lots of tours over there. m

  2. Well I hit the "s" key instead of the "Z" key.

  3. Do you take your gun to the shower?