Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Here...Now What?

Well, so I finished my 22 hour journey to Kyrgyzstan. We arrived at approximately 3:30 in the morning two days after we took off, tired, sweaty, and disoriented. From the plane, we were packed onto buses with our carry-ons bag in our lap and shuttled some 15 minutes from the airport to a small base called Manas. Then, it was off the buses, into formation, and into our first brief where we were given the lay of the land, do's and don'ts, and instructions on what to do next which was pretty much nothing.

Now, despite the fact that it was now about 5:00 in the morning in Kyrgyzstan, it felt like about 7 PM to us. Too early to go to bed, so a group of us went to check out the dining facility, which was pretty standard by military fare with the exception of its having commercial grade, full size candy bars...just great for someone who is suppose to be starting a diet (me). After that, it was back to the clam shell (really, a large tent) to nap until duty called to attempt to call Nick and my parents via my new best friend skype to let them know I'd arrived safely.

I was determined to remain awake for the rest of the Kyrgy day, so I spent a large part of the afternoon surfing the internet, trying to maintain some sort of interest. Finally, at 4 PM I had an actual scheduled event which was a 30 minute class on a well-known Army system, which was not exactly stimulating and my resolve to stay awake was waning.

I finally gave in at around 5 PM our time (6 AM your time) and went to bed. Writing this blog is the first thing I have done since then, so I can't guarantee that there will be much interesting about which to write. And on that note, perhaps I will go back to sleep.

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